Terminate Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel From Windows PC (Verified Guide)

Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel

Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel – What does report reveal?

Security researchers from Microsoft analyzed Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel and flagged it as a severe trojan horse that basically downloads and executes malicious in order to install malware on the affected computer. Evidences against Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel trojan was made public in the middle of 2016. those evidences prove existence of the trojan horse among Windows users. The trojan is spread as a malicious Excel or Word file attached to Spam emails in .xls or .doc file format. When you double click it, the file gets activated and connect to a malicious server in order to install Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel trojan on the computer. The spam email may contain phishing texts like 'Please find attached the swift of the transfer of $40,000' or 'Product shipping confirmation' with important subject line. Those attached file would be named as the file names given below:







If you receive email containing attachments with above mentioned names, do not double click it. Even by mistake you do so, your computer gets penetrated with Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel. The chances of successful attacks increases more, if macro is enabled on your computer. You should know that .doc or .xls files are programmed to activate malware by enabling-macro on the targeted Windows.

What are real risk associated with Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel?

  • Data theft: Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel is very capable of stealing credentials like social security number, email, phone number, online banking login details, IP address etc. By stealing your credentials the trojan poses direct risk to your privacy.
  • Degraded PC performance: The trojan horse utilize available system resources hugely. As a result, your PC performance is cut down and you face a lots of denial of service (DoS). Applications take tool long to respond, shows error page while surfing web etc.
  • Installation of more malware: Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel downloads malicious files on the command of server operators, those files may be installer of malware or malware themselves.
  • Remote attacks: The trojan horse may allow remote hackers to access your system and enable them to execute unhealthy commands via CMD. It may creates vulnerabilities on the Windows.
  • Data corruption: Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel creates junks files, delete system files and private files uncertainly. Thus, you may have to bear a huge data loss as well.

Therefore, to prevent Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel contamination, highly effective Antivirus software can help you out. Now, Kindly follow the Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel removal guide displayed below:

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Threat Analysis and Countermeasures of Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel


Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel is well known as well as newly designed Trojan virus that carry malicious codes and hidden programs that can easily executed when it gets installed on the targeted system. Mostly it infiltrates Windows based system and no matter which version you are using. It has been designed in such a way that it can easily affect Windows 10, Win 8 7, Vista, XP etc without user’s consent. As soon as Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel invaded on your PC, it take over the system and perform its chosen activity seamlessly like run the file allocation table on the secondary storage dive (HDD). It is set of dangerous codes that can be deployed inside the root directory of victimized computer to make its presence hidden and taking advantage of that this trojan can easily bypass system scan by remaining undetected.

User must be aware of its activities so that it can be understand that how severe is Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel and what it can does after being installed on the computer. In order to get this information in detail, you should go through the below given information.

Consequences Created By Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel After Infiltrating the System

  1. First of all it makes several critical changes in system internal settings.
  2. Modify Windows essential configuration to affect system overall performance.
  3. Alter system registry entries and create new keys to get reinstalled with every Windows startup.
  4. Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel can Break security firewall and create backdoor entrance for online threats.
  5. Download malicious malware infection on the computer without taking user’s approval.
  6. Spread its duplicate copies in every folder present on your hard drive.
  7. Record user’s online as well as offline activities and collect different information including IP address, online bank account login details, email ID password, credit card number and other sensitive credentials can be leak and accessed by hackers for illegal purposes.
  8. Slow down system performance by making installed applications unresponsive.
  9. System takes long time while opening and shutting down.
  10. Always generates fake system alert and security warning as well as notification.
  11. Overall Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel will make your PC completely vulnerable and pen for easy cyber attack.

Possible Scenario Responsible For Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Invasion

  • It may slips into the targeted Windows computer by clicking infected links or by downloading corrupted files from spam email.
  • When user access unsafe or unprotected networks on their PC for file sharing.
  • If you use infected USB or other external drive on your computer.
  • Due to installing damaged or freeware programs on the computer.
  • By visiting unethical sites as well as downloading malicious stuffs from there.

Somehow if your system got infected with Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel then you should not wait, just take immediate action and get rid of this severe trojan as soon as possible. To get this job done, below given manual removal technique will be help you. Take a look:-

Techniques For Manual Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Removal

Instruction to Uninstall Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel From Windows Registry

In order to get rid of Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel From affected Windows registry you only need to follow the below given steps.

Step 1. First of all restart your PC and Hold F8 key for few second until you get another option.


Step 2. Here you should choose Safe Mode with Networking by using arrow up and down key and then press Enter key.


Step 3. Now select Start Menu and get “Run” option or press Windows + R key to get the same. After that type “regedit” over there and at last click “OK” button.

Trojan 2

Trojan 3

Step 4. Actually Registry editor is divided in two part and Left panel of the window is used for navigation whereas right side is being used to take required action.

Trojan 4

Step 5. Now select the suspicious value and then one the right mouse click choose “Delete” option to eliminate Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Here you may find alert like “Warning! Make sure you delete malicious entries!”.

Trojan 5

Sometimes system respond sluggishly due to Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel and you can check why it happens and which process is taking more space than expected. In this situation it is recommended to identify that process and delete them as soon as possible.

Steps To Delete Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel From Task Manager

Step 1. First of all, You have to open task manager and for that press CTRL+ ALT+ DEL key simultaneously on your keyboard.

Task manager1

Step 2. Here Task Manager window will open and you have to click on Process Tab.

task manager 2

Step 3. Now select the required process and right click over there and choose “End Process” option or simply select the process and get the same option in the right down corner of the current window to remove Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel from List. It will definitely increase system performance and decrease response time.

task manager 3

English button

Automatic Method to Get Rid of Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Threat from the PC

Automatic Removal Tool is the best and upgraded one which can provide complete protection against any threat. Since manual method is useful but the problem is that it is too complicated, takes huge time and is not easy for normal user to perform the steps properly. And it need expert technical user to remove it. As manual removal does not provide you guarantee for complete removal of the threat from the system. That is why to remove Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel permanently from the system, it is recommended to use Automatic Removal Tool. As it is designed by expert professionals to protect the targeted PC from harmful threat. This powerful threat help you protect system from future attacks by providing Optimal protection against all invasive threat. Because if its user friendly nature it is easy to be used by any normal user and does not require technical help. Using this tool user can take full control over network setting of the infected system. Whenever you start your system this will being its scanning process automatically. This Removal Tool is best to uninstall Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel infection by deleting registry entries safely. If you want to know more about Automatic removal Tool look on below written features of it.

Key Features of Automatic Removal Tool :

  1. Automatic Removal Tool has unique feature that block malicious activities of Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel before its entry.

  2. It provide facility to scan specific area of the system where the threat may remain hidden

  3. It scan the system completely from Memory card, cache, registry and files and detect infection and other related threat.

  4. It Provide user an amazing help Desk Support so that user can easily contact if they need help to delete Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel.

  5. It give user opportunity to restore data if deleted by mistake

  6. Automatic Removal Tool support every version of Windows operating system

  7. It make safe internet setting of the user and prevent illegal modification that is done through Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel when user browse online.

  8. And is featured with simple user interface that is suitable for both technical as well as non technical users.

  9. Its exception feature help user to exclude definite program from being detected in future scans.

  10. It create diagnostics report and then generate custom fix report for the user.

Moreover, the automatic Removal Tool has been created by qualified professionals that will scan your system completely with its different scanning techniques. It is also recommended as best solution by security experts of PC to safeguard the contaminated PC against Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel.

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Comprehensive User Guide for Automatic Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Removal Tool

Step 1. Please Download and run setup file of Automatic Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel Removal Tool with administrative privileges.

Step 1.1

Step 1.2

Step 2. Follow the installation wizard and Click on Finish to complete installation.

Step 2

Step 3. Click on Start Scan to start complete scan of your PC.

Step 3

Step 4. It will automatically scan for different kinds of malware threats in your system’s files, registry, memory, applications, cookies and the whole computer.

Step 4

Step 5. After scan completes, select all suspicious items from the scan results and click on Remove.

Step 5

Step 6. By Spyware HelpDesk, users can anytime (24×7) contact to our security experts regarding virus infections.

Step 6

Step 7. You can easily block all kinds if malware by enabling System Guard feature.

Step 7

Step 8. You can use its Network Sentry to secure your Network.

Step 8

Step 9. With Scan Scheduler features, users can easily do schedule scans at specified times.

Step 9

Then after your system became free of Trojandownloader: O97M/adnel and secured from other malware threats in future.

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