Ransomware Attacks Los Angeles Valley College Server : Ransom paid $28,000

Recently, The Los Angeles Valley College server was attacked using Ransomware and the College agreed to pay $28,000 as ransom to involved Cyberpunks. During press release, the college officials revealed that the attack took place on December 30, 2016 and infected their entire network with the ransomware. Officials yet not made public any statement about what type of ransomware infection that was. However, researchers suspect that it could be sort of server attacker ransomware identical to Cerber ransomware.

After the ransomware attack, The Los Angeles Community College District had faced a whole lot of technical problem. Since the ransomware hijacked their entire network, including faculty and staff email servers, college database server and more. Officials had to stop to their daily-to-do works for almost 6 days. Finally, on January 06, they the College announced to pay the ransom in order to early recover access to their computer machines and saved data. Cyberpunks have only given time period of 6 days for ransom pay off.

To pay ransom demand of $28,000, the LACCD officials collected funds from cyber security insurance policy. Afterwards, Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) officials received a decryption from the cyberpunks who were involved in ransomware attack. Fortunately, the decryption key is working perfectly as they expected. Though, the LAVC IT staffs are currently gradually unlocking enciphered files and restoring service to Computer-machines one by one.

Till the date of writing the news, it was the highest ransom pay off ever. Until now, one of the most substantial ransom pay off of $25,000 that was paid by Lansing Board of Water & Light in Michigan to gain access to locked computers. As you know, now this record has been placed at second. However, According to the new law, a person who engaged in ransomware will be convicted of a felony and could be imprisoned up to 4 years. The new law went into effect on January 01, 2017.

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