New Mac OS X Ransomware Revealed

A most bothering news is coming these day about newly researched ransomware which has been found to target users of Mac OS X. The operators who are executing it has been reported to spread it as a fake update or crack for the adobe premier pro and Microsoft office application. Therefore as per the assumption of observed level of threats by the Palo Alto Networks, it won’t be wrong in any way to consider the Apple users under big risk of malware attack.

Now according to the later survey of threat intelligence director at Palo Alto, it was stated that the appeared ransomware“Keranger” is the first to target Apple’s Mac Computer which was seen on 4 March. Moreover it has been equipped with encryption ciphers to encrypt files which demands ransom. Again the statement was taken by a representative of Apple about the step which was picked for the blockage of malware attack by withdrawing a digital certificate from an authentic Apple developer that made the installation of troublesome applications possible on Macs. The purpose of such development has been found to make the files available on victimized PC inaccessible for users after the 3 day of attack. This indicates that if the Apple company fail to overwhelm the effect of attacked ransomware then there may be the situation of locked databases for users.

Further analysis by researchers unfolded some more facts about developed malware that it moves to transmission website at the completion of its encryption work. The reason behind its approach towards the transmission website has been noticed as intention of getting open source software. Therefore it has been decided by securities researcher to launch a blog which will guide users, tricks to check out whether they are safe or not from the ransomware attack and if they have got infected then what steps are to be taken to keep their databases safe.

However the collected report of so far states that Transmission is very important application which helps in making download of videos, software, music and other data through  BitTorrent peer-to-peer information sharing network. Unfortunately a alert notification was being displayed on version 2.90 transmission of Mac software about its being infected by ransomware. From the protection point of view it was suggested to users either to move instantly on version 2.91 which was lying on its website already or remove the attacked one. URL filtering is also being updated to stop apple customers from getting victimized by malware attack.

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