LG Service Center Refuses to Repair Smart TV Infected With Android Ransomware

Android Ransomware Discovered, Infects LG Smart TV

An Android ransomware is found in the wild infecting LG Smart TVs since it seems to be no surprise because security investigators have already made public some evidence that reveals Android-based smart TVs are vulnerable to such attacks. However, this infection incident is literally different. The Android ransomware comprises Smart TV and demand $500 in order provide decryption password for encrypted files.

It also locks TV’s screen and Displays a fake legal notice entitled as Department of Justice (FBI). The professional hackers may try to deceive you by informing that ‘AS A RESULT OF FULL SCANNING OF YOUR DEVICE, SOME SUSPICIOUS FILES HAVE BEEN FOUND AND YOUR ATTENDANCE OF THE PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE HAS BEEN FIXED. FOR THIS REASON YOUR DEVICE HAS BEEN LOCKED’. They also ask you to $500 as penalty, in case your Smart TV also gets compromised.

This Android ransomware infection is first reported by a Twitter user @DarremCauthon with few pictures as evidence. The ransomware attacked one of his family member Smart TV. Afterwards, the TV screen got locked. They tried to reset TV using proper manual provided by the company but they couldn’t succeed. Cauthon also went to LG smart TV service center, but officials also couldn’t reset TV and for hard formatting, officials asked him to pay $340 as service charge.

As you may have heard that factory resetting deletes saved data completely from the device. Yet there is no way to decrypt files encrypted by Android ransomware. However, security experts advise Android Smart TV users to keep an efficient Antivirus installed and up-to-date on the devices.

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