Important News For Google Talk Users : Gchat Is Officially Being Shut Down On 26th June

Recently, a new broke out regarding the Google Talk that it is officially being shut down but you should know that it is a half story. Google has published a post detailing other modifications they will be making to Gmail and hangout to streamline the services for users and admins. Google has revealed that Gtalk will be officially shit down on 26th June for those who refused to transitioning over to Hangouts.

First of all, Google Talk has been launched in 2005 as the official chat for the Gmail but the invention of Hangout in 2013 make GTalk older and it was the beginning of its end. Google Talk also referred as Gchat, Gmail chat or Gtalk that comes after the one year of Gmail. Google stated that on June 26, all Gmail users will be transitioned to the Hangouts automatically. If you are still using old Google Talk app then it will not stop working from the 26th June.

Google shut down most of the mobile clients, desktop and recommended users to move to the newer Hangouts service in February 2015. In spite of announcement, Google left Gchat app to execute and many Gmail users just switched to the XMPP clients including Pidgin, Adium or Gajim. But now, Google bring the final over Gtalk’s head on the last week of June. The plan behind modification is as follows :

  • In the next few weeks, you will receive a prompt that invite you to switch to Hangouts. For the Gchat preferred user, there is a Dense Roster setting in the Hangouts app that provides the similar experience to talk with your friends.

  • The legitimate Gtalk application was replaced in 2013 in Play Store and now it will stop functioning. This app is merged with the Hangout, so use it to talk with your friends.

  • The third-party XMPP clients will continues to works with the Hangouts for 1 on 1 chats. The federation of XMPP with third-party service provided will bot supported from 26th June.

  • For the G Suite administrators, it has been stated that if your site is affected by this modification then you will received and notification of email about this change.

The primary goal of Google to launch Gtalk was cooperation with the other IM clients. The XMPP protocol leveraging company aims that every user talk with their friends on Internet regarding IM provider. The Google never successes in its goals because other companies did not play fair. With the shut down of Google Tall, company abandoned the open protocol privacy and created the G+ Hangouts around the closed-source protocol.

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